Decorative items of Maharashtra

Decorative items of Maharashtra

For different items, write the name of the museum or workshop where they are made, state the type of item and the state. For a decoration on a room lamp of wood, write Maharashtra Decorative. This not only includes other states, but will give a full list of items. You can write down the names of anyone who takes credit for one of the items too.

You can also include the estimated cost of the object. Alternatively, you can also include details of any photographs or drawings you have. You can also list if the item has been marketed and which brands have been marketed it.

You can also add personal notes to the list. For example, if you have a large collection of items that are similar to a particular item, write the name of that particular item or the museum where you purchased the item. If there is one item that is rare or very expensive, write that it is worth remembering.

The other reason for doing this is that if you had seen an item at a museum or elsewhere and had only thought that the ornament was a unique one, you can now write it on the list.

For instance, you can write that you saw a beautiful hanging lamp at the Bombay Art Society, but it was only one of two of the exact same kind, and that the person who was selling it had only known one of the others in his collection.

Till we write about our past with honour, we don’t have any future.

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Maharashtra house decor

01) If you like modern decorative items, write Maharashtra Decorative.

02) If you like the state’s arts and crafts, write Maharashtra Crafts.

03) If you like craft, write Maharashtra Crafts.

04) If you like wood works, write Maharashtra Wood Works.

05) If you like paintings, write Maharashtra Paintings.

06) If you like textile items, write Maharashtra Textiles.

07) If you like glass works, write Maharashtra Glass.

08) If you like pottery, write Maharashtra Pottery.

09) If you like metal works, write Maharashtra Metalworks.

10) If you like cutlery items, write Maharashtra Cutlery.

11) If you like items with trinkets, write Maharashtra Trinkets.

12) If you like silver or gold accessories, write Maharashtra Gold Accessories.

13) If you like fine crystal, write Maharashtra Fine Crystal.

14) If you like leather products, write Maharashtra Leather Works.

15) If you like brass and copper items, write Maharashtra Brass and Copper Works.

16) If you like items of wood, write Maharashtra Wood Works.

17) If you like painted items, write Maharashtra Painting.

18) If you like decorated walls and floors, write Maharashtra Decorative.

19) If you like deco art, write Maharashtra Decorative.

20) If you like items with glass, write Maharashtra Glass.

21) If you like items with of marble, write Maharashtra Marble Works.

22) If you like items of metal, write Maharashtra Metalworks.

23) If you like decorative items of wood, write Maharashtra Wood Works.

24) If you like fancy gifts, write Maharashtra Gifts.

25) If you like decorative items in unusual patterns, write Maharashtra Decorative.

26) If you like items from the state’s art collection, write Maharashtra Art Collection.

27) If you like any item that is of antique value, write Maharashtra Antique.

28) If you like ceramic or marble tiles, write Maharashtra Stone.

29) If you like items in real silver, write Maharashtra Silver.

30) If you like items in ceramic or marble, write Maharashtra Marble Works.

If you liked these tips, you will surely fall in love with Mumbai’s Arts & Crafts Centre, which is filled with incredible art and handmade items.

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