What is TLC principal recruitment procedure

What is TLC principal recruitment procedure 

Barbara Lovett had just completed her administrative studies at Central Texas College, in Texas, when she applied for a position at Cape Town's Michaelhouse School. She ended up in what was termed the principalship or director's job, recruiting students.

"You did not receive letters from the principals at all when you applied for these posts. That is one of the biggest scandals, that they would give the job to anyone who applied," Lovett told GroundUp.

"It was amazing, they just rang you up. You then had to follow procedure. You sent letters to the principals at the schools, if you had not succeeded in recruiting them, or you had succeeded in recruiting them, you then had to go through the principal. I am sure you understand that principal was Mr. Woodford at that time. You also understand that I went through the principal at Newell, first. I went through the principal at Sulphur Springs. I went through the principal at Mowbray, Mr. Moolman."

The principal was usually in Pretoria for the recruitment, and when it came time for the selection of the student, the school would go through it all again.

"There was no getting around it, it was like recruitment in a jungle where you have to go through, you are running from tree to tree to put your eye on the youngster.

"I spent six weeks putting my hand out in recruiting students. Six weeks. That is the most miserable six weeks of your life.

"Of course, I always went through, I went through the principal, they selected a person.

"The schools paid the tuition.

"I would put the school through it, and of course they would have had the principal to fill the job, and if it was not a great success I could well understand that.

"I found out that the principal at the school at Jameson was involved. Mr. Kenny was always recruiting at Jameson, you know.

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